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Your best option to visit the Amazon Rainforest in Peru!

A tour of the tropical forest of Tambopata - Candamo is a sublime trip in the heart of the place with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Candamo Tours, provides adventure and excursions. Enjoy hiking in search of Amazonian wildlife and medicinal plants, visit a shaman, travel to Lake Sandoval and much more.

The amazing activities away from civilization and tourist routes offer our visitors the opportunity to discover in Tambopata the secrets and curiosities of the largest and richest biodiversity on the planet.

All the tours and contents on this site were created step by step through a long and extensive experience in the Tambopata Candamo from my childhood on the banks of the Madre de Dios River; Every detail, every activity and every program of each tour has been thoroughly analyzed and elaborated in order to offer something unique and extraordinary.


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